All Non-Legal Staff by Department


Robert Pergament, Director of Development
Elsie Hillman-Gordon, Grants and Special Projects Manager
Catherine Masters, Development Associate

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Patrick Orciani, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Legal Support

Daniela Bravo, Legal Assistant/Paralegal *
Deja Butler, Legal Assistant/Paralegal
Dara Canchester, Legal Assistant/Paralegal *
Diana Cruz, Senior Intake Coordinator *
Gary Cunningham, Intake Coordinator
Hanna Endale, Legal Assistant/Paralegal∞
Kata de Lima, Legal Assistant/Intake Specialist *
Rebecca (Becca) Gallahue, Legal Support Coordinator *
Helder Hernandez, Legal Assistant/Intake Specialist*
Karla Lora, Legal Assistant/Paralegal *
Eleni Reynolds, Legal Assistant/Paralegal *
Jordan Stoner, Legal Assistant/Intake Specialist
José Vallejo-Jimenez, Legal Assistant/Paralegal*°


Katherine Hays, Director of Operations
Laura Bailey, Director of IT & Facilities
Patricia Morrison, Accounting Manager
Patricia Roulhac, Legal Secretary
Candis Scippio, Operations Manager


* Proficient or fluent in Spanish.
◊ Fluent in Portuguese.
† Fluent in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian.
° Proficient or Fluent in French.
ˆ Proficient in Mandarin.
~ Proficient in Russian.
❀ Fluent in Hindi.
❃ Proficient in Gujarati.
♦ Fluent in Haitian Creole.
☙ Proficient in Tonga.