A Foreclosure Forestalled
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Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer

The Legal Aid Society’s Consumer Unit continues to work to preserve affordable and sustainable housing despite the most difficult situations.  One area that Wendy Weinberg, Supervising Attorney of the Unit, and Jennifer Ngai, Equal Justice AmeriCorps Fellow, both focus on are foreclosures that result from fraudulent and/or predatory lending.  Jen shares the story of client with whom our Consumer Unit has successfully intervened on behalf of to prevent a foreclosure. 

Unfortunately, stories like the one shared here are all too common in the District of Columbia.  Funding cuts proposed in the District’s budget threaten to further limit the ability for legal services programs to continue at their current levels let alone grow the program to meet the increasing need.  Legal Aid is grateful to the opportunities provided by organization like Equal Justice / AmeriCorps program as it has allowed us to expand our staffing in this unit.

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