Defeat Poverty DC
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Now that the District has concluded its budget deliberations, the campaigns for Mayor, Council Chair and Council Members will begin in earnest.   The candidates have already started to appear at Metro stops, neighborhood events and on the doorsteps of voters.   They will be talking up their respective abilities to address the District’s budget woes.

 Serious poverty reduction has not been a campaign issue in many years.   As we have seen from the last several budget cycles, there are no political consequences when the Mayor or Council cuts programs to support people living in poverty.  The press applauds reductions to the safety-net as “financial responsibility.”

 Defeat Poverty DC has been launched to change that dynamic.   It is a grass roots effort to get every candidate to state with particularity on the record what she or he will do to help reduce or eliminate poverty.  To become involved, go to:

 If you attend a candidate forum or meet a candidate on a street corner, ask them what they will do to defeat poverty or put a placard in your window.   Imagine the impact that it will have on the policies of a candidate if she or he sees this sign in the windows of prospective voters:


To get a printer friendly copy of the window placard, CLICK HERE.  

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