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Last week, several Legal Aid attorneys left the courtroom for the TV studio. Dean Shelley Broderick of the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law hosts a public television show on UDC-TV called Sound Advice that focuses on legal problems affecting residents of the District living in poverty. Dean Broderick welcomed attorneys from Legal Aid’s family/domestic violence and public benefits units to talk about their legal practices.

One episode, “Sound Advice: Food Stamps Program in the District of Columbia” features staff attorney Hannah Weinberger-Divack, who shared important information about food stamps (also known as SNAP) and other public benefits, such as how and where to apply. Hannah and other public benefits attorneys at Legal Aid are seeing increasing numbers of clients coming to Legal Aid with food stamps issues, such as benefits suddenly ceasing without notice. Hannah explained that anyone having a problem with their public benefits can come to Legal Aid for help.

Sound Advice: Food Stamps Program in the District of Columbia

The other episode, “Sound Advice: Domestic Violence” features senior staff attorney (and UDC Law Alum) Jeannine Gomez, and staff attorney Stephanie Westman. In the episode, Jeannine and Stephanie discuss the services and protection available to survivors of domestic violence in the District. Jeannine and Stephanie and other attorneys in Legal Aid’s family and domestic violence unit can help survivors of violence in obtaining civil protection orders that provide a variety of remedies including custody and visitation schedules that keep clients and their children safe. Stephanie and Jeannine also explained how attorneys and advocates can connect survivors to resources such as temporary shelter or financial assistance to help with permanent relocation.

Sound Advice: Domestic Violence

The episodes will debut on UDC-TV, a 24-hour educational cable program service. In Washington, DC, UDC-TV can be viewed on Comcast Channel 98, RCN Channel 19, and Verizon Channels 19 and 21. A full programming schedule for UDC-TV can be found here.

We are grateful for these opportunities to partner with UDC Cable TV’s Sound Advice and with DCTV to help spread the word about Legal Aid’s programs and services.

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