Making Justice Real
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Welcome to the inaugural post of Making Justice Real, the blog for the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia. Our goal is to expand the conversation on poverty and equal justice amongst our friends and supporters. We hope that you will check in frequently and join us in the conversation.

I will be sharing with you the challenges that those living in poverty in District of Columbia are facing every day and how Legal Aid, through individual client representation, is making a difference in people’s lives. We will also post discussions of the role Legal Aid plays in larger efforts to work to reduce poverty and to bring about change in the Courts and government services to better meet the needs of our clients.

My hope is that this forum will be informative and thought provoking and will inspire a larger dialogue. I am privileged to have an amazing staff that makes all our work possible. I will invite our attorneys to guest blog on issues they are working with directly so that this blog includes the voice of those actually out in the trenches.

In addition to this blog, Legal Aid will continue with its online newsletter, but will publish only once every two months. Since we know that Legal Aid has an audience that is diverse in many different ways, including how they receive information, today you can follow Legal Aid on Twitter, as well as become a “fan” and join our cause on Facebook and help to generate support for our work from your friends and networks.

Thank you for your interest in equal justice. Together we can make justice real.

Jonathan M. Smith Executive Director

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