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same sex marriage
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Executive Director

Executive Director

We have tried to keep focused on Legal Aid's policy agenda, issues in the equal justice and legal services movement and successes in our cases and projects.  One of our guiding principles has been to use the blog to move the work forward and stay away from personal observations.  I am going to violate that rule.

This last week, here in the District of Columbia, there was a remarkable step forward for civil rights  --  same sex couples were given the right to marry.  In a time where budget shortfalls, an increasingly stingy federal court and a gridlocked federal government have set back the cause of people who have been historically disenfranchised, this change in DC law has been a beacon of hope.  Progress is possible and we can move the law towards decency and equality for all -- that the law genuinely values civil rights.

I was moved to write this blog during my ride home last night.  A rider in a seat in front of me commented to his companion, "I think gay marriage is great but I am bored of seeing it on the front page of the Post."   While I admit that some of the coverage was thin on substance, it has been a joy to read.  It is genuinely thrilling to celebrate when an historic wrong is corrected and the law recognizes that all people are entitled to dignity.  During these difficult times, this is very good news indeed.  Keep it coming.

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