Costello Tobias

Costello Tobias is in his early 60s and can no longer work due to his physical health conditions. He has arthritis in both of his shoulders, high blood pressure (which has been difficult to manage with medication and frequently makes him feel agitated), pain in his knees lower back, and he suffers from symptomatic epilepsy. His seizures come without warning and sometimes make him black out.

“Go down to Legal Aid! They’re going to help you.”

Prior to the worsening of his conditions, Mr. Tobias was very active – he worked as a phlebotomist for 18 years, and played basketball or went running every day. Now when he tries to get outside and walk he can only go short distances. Sometimes even when he is lying or sitting down, his body seizes up in pain.

When Mr. Tobias applied for SSDI benefits he was denied, so he appealed the decision, requesting a Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Shortly thereafter Mr. Tobias came to Legal Aid. We referred him to Daniel Wolf and Alyssa Bonesteel of Gilbert LLP. They enthusiastically agreed to represent Mr. Tobias. At the hearing, the ALJ determined that Mr. Tobias is disabled and awarded him full benefits, thereby giving him the insurance benefits he needs and is entitled to by law.

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