Consumer Law Unit

Jennifer Ngai LavalleeSupervising Attorney
Shirley HorngSenior Staff Attorney
Stacy Santin, Senior Staff Attorney *
Zack Hill, Staff Attorney
Jennifer Klein Joseph, Staff Attorney *
Thomas C. Papson, Volunteer Staff Attorney
Phillip McCarthy, Legal Assistant/Paralegal

* Proficient or fluent in Spanish.
◊ Fluent in Portuguese.
° Proficient or Fluent in French.
ˆ Proficient in Mandarin.
❀ Fluent in Hindi.
❃ Proficient in Gujarati.
♦ Fluent in Haitian Creole.
☙ Proficient in Tonga.

‡ Not yet admitted to the Bar of the District of Columbia, but admitted to practice law in another jurisdiction. Practicing law in the District of Columbia under the supervision of Legal Aid attorneys barred in the District of Columbia pursuant to D.C. Court of Appeals Rule 49(c)(9)(B).