80 for 80 Campaign

In 2012, Legal Aid celebrated its 80th anniversary. In honor of this significant milestone, we launched the 80 for 80 Campaign to complement the Making Justice Real Giving Circle annual gift recognition program. Whereas the Giving Circle recognizes individuals who give significantly each year at levels of $1,000 and above, the goal of the 80 for 80 Campaign was to encourage at least 80 individuals/couples to give or pledge an anniversary gift of $2,500 or more during calendar year 2012.

We are delighted to announce that we exceeded our goal of getting 80 donors at this level. At the end of the year, a total of 99 individuals and couples contributed to Legal Aid’s 80 for 80 Campaign. We honor and recognize all of these contributors below.

January to December 2012

Anonymous (3)
James and Michelle Alberg
Richard Alexander
Donald B. Ayer
Charlene Barshefsky and Edward B. Cohen
Deborah B. Baum
Leonard and Joy Baxt
David and Sherry Berz
Wesley D. Bizzell
A. Scott Bolden
Barbara B. Brown
David I. Brown
Russell Bruemmer
Graeme Bush and Wendy Rudolph
Peter Buscemi and Judith Miller
John and Kathleen Byrnes
Mary G. Clark and Craig R. Schaffer
Mark Colley and Deborah Harsch
Frank M. (Rusty) Conner
Donna Cooper
David and Martha Dantzic
Forrest Deegan and Ryan Richardson
Joe Figini and Jason Denby
Steven G. Forsyth
Scott and Lauren Gilbert
Eileen Gleimer
Jack Gocke
Jamie S. Gorelick
Pat and Mary Grant
Joyce and Robert Gwadz
Jerry Hartman in Memory of Barbara McDowell
Patrick A. Harvey
John Heintz and Lynn Ohman
Ricki T. Michael S. Helfer
Emily C. Helms Williams
Philip and Roberta Horton
Ted and Judy Howard
Daniel and Wendy Jarcho
Kenneth Klein
Joel B. Kleinman and Mary Patrice Brown
Martin and Arlene Klepper
Mark H. Lynch
Dionne C. Lomax
Virginia M. Marra
Joan E. McKown and James A. Brigagliano
Thomas H. Milch
Steven R. Miles
Patricia Millett
James R. Murray
Michael and Cheryl Naeve
John and Carole Nannes
Michael E. Nannes and Nancy E. Everett
Edward J. Newberry
Mark and Jo Ann Newell
Robert Novick
Deanne M. Ottaviano
Anthony and Lee Partridge
Thomas Papson and Toby Singer
William and Teresa Perlstein
Carter Phillips and Sue Henry
Anthony Pierce and Karen Stevens Pierce
Dorthula H. Powell-Woodson
Abid R. Qureshi
Michael and Mary Raibman
John P. Relman
Eric S. Richter
Kurt Richter
Tangela S. Richter
James E. Rocap, III
Richard L. Rosen
Barbara M. Rossotti
James Rowe and Lisa Adams
Howard M. Shapiro
Peter D. Shields
Leslie K. Smith
Peter Spivack
James and Carol Springer
Mark A. Srere and Jayne Jerkins
Theodore B. Stone
Thomas Strickland
Ronald J. Tenpas
Steuart H. Thomsen and Linda Chatman Thomsen
Jennifer S. Van Driesen
Daniel Volchok
Seth P. Waxman
Harry J. Weiss
Sarah L. Wilson
Scott L. Winkelman
Alan Wiseman
Joseph and Lynda Zengerle