2018 Generous Associates Campaign – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are Coordinator Reports, Top Fundraising Firms, and Outstanding Generous Associates! listings updated?

A: Starting June 1, Legal Aid will update reports & listings every weekday by the afternoon (after 2 PM). Reports will include all donations and pledges received through the prior day.

For example, if you look at your firm report on Friday, it will have included everything received for the Campaign through Thursday. If you check your report on Monday, it will include everything received through Sunday.

Q: How do I get cash or check donations to Legal Aid?

A: Donation packet pick-ups will be scheduled for the end of the Campaign (generally June 28-30). If you would like someone to come by to pick up donations from your firm before then, please contact Thuy-Tu Tran (ttran@legalaiddc.org) or Rob Pergament (rpergament@legalaiddc.org) to arrange a pick-up. Please also be sure to fill out the Cover Sheet to itemize what is included in the donation packet. This will help us ensure that all donations are accounted for.

Q: Can I count pledges towards my firm’s total?

A: YES! Once you learn of a pledge (verbally, in an email, or via Individual Contribution Form), please let Legal Aid staff know. We just need the name of the donor, the donor’s firm position, and the amount to record an official pledge. This amount will then be included in your firm’s total right away.

Q: When will donors receive tax acknowledgment letters?

A: Due to the volume of donations received during this time, and because many donors give multiple times during this period, we do not send acknowledgment letters until the very end of the Campaign. Donors can expect to receive a formal acknowledgment letter from Legal Aid within the first two weeks of August. Online donors should receive a confirmation e-mail right away from Network for Good that will include a tax statement for their gift.