Earned Income Tax Credit

Did you work at any point during 2023, even if it was part-time, temporary, or gig work? Did you earn less than $63,398 if you are married and file jointly (or $56,838 if you file as an individual or head of household)?  Then you may be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Do I qualify for the ETIC?

  • You must have had earned income in 2023 and your income must be under the limits. The income limits and the credit amounts vary depending on how many qualifying children you have (see the chart, below).

  • If you don’t have a qualifying child, the income limits are $24,210 if married filing jointly and $17,640 if filing as single or head of household.

  • You and your spouse (if married filing jointly) and any child you claim must have an SSN.

How much can I get?

  • The amount of the credit varies with the amount of your earned income and the number of qualifying children (see the below chart). You can use this tool to estimate the amount of your credit: https://www.taxoutreach.org/help/.

  • The ETIC is a fully refundable credit. That means that you can get the money even if you don’t owe any taxes. If you owe taxes, it will reduce the amount you owe.

  • But you must file a tax return to get the credit.

  • You can also get an EITC on your DC tax return!  DC matches 70% of the federal EITC!

EITC Income Limits and Credit Amounts

Number of Children[

Single workers with income less than:

Married workers with income less than:

EITC up to:

0 children




1 child




2 children




3 or more children