Rental and Utility Assistance

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See the below information for the ways you can apply for rental and utility assistance:

How can I apply for rental assistance?

If you need rental assistance or help with first month’s rent and security deposit, you can apply:

  1. Online
  2. Phone
    • ERAP Hotline: (202) 507-6666
      • Call Monday-Friday between 9am-4pm
    • United Planning Organization (UPO): (202) 231-7992 or email to initiate an application.
    • Housing Counseling Services (HCS): (202) 667-7517 or email
    • Salvation Army: (202) 678-9771


Who do I call if I have issues with the application?

If you have technical challenges with the online application or want to check the status of your application, call the ERAP hotline at (202) 507-6666.


How can I get help with utilities?

If... You should...

You need help paying one or more of the following:

  • Pepco (electricity),
  • Washington Gas (gas), or
  • DC Water (water)
Apply to the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). You can apply in two ways:
  1. Online: Go to
  2. By Phone: Call 311 and ask for an application
You need help paying your Internet bill. Apply to the Affordable Connectivity Program:
  1. Online: Go to
  2. Phone/Mail: Calling (877) 384-2575 and asking for mail-in application.
You need help with utilities. Call Salvation Army at (202) 678-9771
You need help with utilities AND You are HIV+. Call Housing Counseling Services at (202) 900-9471 and leave a voice message.


What if my landlord is trying to evict me?

If you want legal help or your landlord is trying to evict you, contact Legal Aid. You can apply for help with your legal case in two ways: