Lia Acosta

Administrative Assistant *
(202) 386-6660
Lia Acosta Headshot

B.S., Universidad Nacional Federico Lima, Peru

Lia Acosta is an Administrative Assistant in the Public Benefits Unit. She organizes and monitors client-related documents while assisting attorneys with administrative tasks. Lia also handles and tracks record requests from various organizations to facilitate attorney cases. In addition, she helps with translations and communicating with Spanish-speaking clients. Lia previously completed an internship with the Tahirih Justice Center, performing administrative support. Lia is originally from Peru; before relocating to the DC area, she worked as a legal assistant to support women fleeing domestic violence. She also served at the Women’s Bureau in Lima, Peru overseeing the care and well-being of abused and battered women. Lia graduated with a bachelor’s degree with a Law and Political Science degree from Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal in Lima, Peru.

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