Patrick Orciani

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
(202) 975-2266
(202) 727-2132
Patrick Orciani

B.S., University of Phoenix Axia College

Patrick Orciani currently serves as the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia. Prior to starting his role, Patrick also worked in the legal services world as the Director of DEI for the Maryland Office of the Public Defender. Before that, Patrick worked in the corporate sector for nearly 20 years.

As a Washington, DC born and Maryland raised resident, Patrick always had a passion for diversity. Being adopted into a family with an Italian father and Black mother, Patrick would soon learn the importance of understanding the different life experiences of two races. After entering the workforce after high school, Patrick would later go on to earn his bachelor’s degree in Business Communications in 2013 which opened more opportunities in his career.

Patrick understands the importance of DEI work which in today’s current climate can often mean having uncomfortable conversations and challenging the norms which have consistently left out marginalized communities. With a love of journalism and traveling, Patrick loves talking about current events, politics and traveling the world to see and experience the lives of many cultures. Being an out of the box thinker with a contagious over the top personality, Patrick loves celebrating those around him and ensuring they are comfortable being their authentic selves wherever they show up!

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16 Sep 2022

The District Must Do Far Better than Mayor Bowser’s Migrant Services and Supports Emergency Act of 2022

Traducción al español al final For months, the governors of Arizona and Texas have been busing migrants from the southwest border to the District to protest federal immigration policies that limit their ability to turn people away at the border. Just yesterday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott arranged for two buses of migrants to be dropped off outside of Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence in a publicity-seeking act of racism and xenophobia with callous disregard for the migrants’ human rights and dignity.
08 Aug 2022

Making Justice Real Campaign Raises $3.3 Million for DC Legal Aid

For the third-consecutive year, DC’s legal community came together to raise more than $3 million for DC Legal Aid through the Making Justice Real Campaign, setting a new record at $3,305,388. Nearly half of the total was raised in the last week of the two-month drive, which ran from June 6 to August 5. “It is incredibly humbling for thousands of people from nearly every major law firm in the District to unite behind Legal Aid’s mission,” said Joan McKown, President of Legal Aid’s Board of Trustees and a Partner at Jones Day. “Especially at a time of increasing need for our client community, this is unbelievably good news.”
25 Jul 2022

DC Council Committees Must Approve the Domestic Worker Protections Bill This Fall

Legal Aid is deeply concerned about Chair Mendelson’s recent decision to change the committee referral for the Domestic Worker Employment Rights Amendment Act of 2022 (Bill 24-712). As a strong supporter of the Domestic Worker Employment Rights bill, we believe his re-referral could effectively stall the bill’s progress during the final year of Council Period 24. This triple referral causes an unnecessary delay that will hurt essential workers, such as home health aides, to whom we regularly provide direct legal services. Legal Aid urges Business Committee Chairman McDuffie and Government Operations Committee Chairman Robert White to consider and mark up the measure immediately (September or October) when the Council returns from recess so that the Council can pass the bill before the end of the year.