Candidates for Mayor Complete Questionnaires on Poverty Reduction
DC mayoral election
Defeat Poverty DC
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Defeat Poverty DC has reached out to every candidate running for local office and asked them to say what they will do to end poverty.  Defeat Poverty DC is focusing on three questions:  what will the candidate do to make work pay, make work possible and make basic needs affordable?  The candidates were asked to complete a questionnaire.  Both Mayor Fenty and Council Chair Gray have submitted responses which are posted on the Defeat Poverty DC web page.

They are worth a read, not only for what they say, but what they don’t say.  There are some important commitments at a very high level of generality, but precious few details or specifics.  When the candidates come knocking on constituent doors or appear at a debate or forum, let’s hope that pointed questions will draw out precise commitments to programs, policies and initiatives.  We need those commitments to hold the candidates accountable after the election.

It has not always been so hard to get candidates to talk about the issue.  Check out the great blog on Bobby Kennedy’s campaign that was posted this morning on the Washington Post web page.

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