Even a Blizzard Does Not Slow Legal Aid Down!
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Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Since coming to work at Legal Aid almost 5 years ago, I am always impressed with the caliber of talent, dedication and professionalism that our staff demonstrates. While they may not always have the perfect working conditions, the most current computers, or the fanciest of gadgets that are often found in regular firms, the work produced continues to be excellent.

The “December 2009 Blizzard” may have shut down the Federal Government and many a business throughout the District on Monday, but it proved to be an unworthy adversary to my colleagues at Legal Aid. Two Legal Aid attorneys staffed our office at Landlord-Tenant Court – a particularly vital role since the Landlord-Tenant Resource Center (which serves as the front-line resource for clients) was closed. These attorneys provided critical help to two walk-in clients, securing a continuance of an eviction case for one. For the other, an elderly client in poor health (who had come to Court despite significant difficulty walking), we succeeded in getting her eviction case dismissed. Over at Family Court, our attorney was able to get a continuance in a domestic violence case for a client whose abuser had violated a civil protection order. Our client was unable to reach the Court due to the storm. And back at our main office, attorneys and support staff were meeting with clients to discuss their cases and answer questions, preparing for upcoming hearings, and strategizing about better ways to serve our client community.

I continue to be amazed by our wonderful support staff, fellows, and attorneys for their deep commitment to our client community. Yesterday was a perfect illustration of the Legal Aid staff’s shared passion for making justice attainable for all.

 If you ever wonder if your support of Legal Aid truly matters, it does!  If you are looking to make a year-end charitable gift, I would encourage you to support Legal Aid. It will be a gift that truly makes a difference.


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