It Ain’t Over Yet
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The Democratic primary did not end the election in DC (OK, it might be de facto over, but not de jure). There is still time to try and get the candidates to talk about poverty. Copied below is a message from Defeat Poverty DC urging that we continue to get the candidates to commit to specific programs that will bring prosperity to all District residents.


Over these past several months leading up to the DC primary vote, we've all worked hard encouraging candidates to be straight with us about just how exactly they intend to make work pay, make work possible, and make basic needs affordable for ALL district residents. You've joined us at countless forums across the city, called into radio shows, and hit the streets to discuss the importance of prioritizing these issues with other DC residents.

The primary vote has come and gone - but our work as citizens is still just beginning. Barring any major surprises, Vincent Gray will be the new mayor. As he begins the process of establishing priorities for a new administration, we must seize this opportunity to let him know what's most important to us - defeating poverty in our city. But what does that truly mean? As many of you heard at our People's Forum last Monday, for starters it means increasing access to fresh food, supporting both job creation and job training efforts, decreasing the tax burden on low-income people, and ensuring the youth get access to the services they need. The list goes on...

We need your help! All it takes is two minutes today to send a message to Chairman Gray and tell him what defeating poverty in DC means for you. Have you faced the challenges of poverty in your own life? Do you have ideas on what city leaders could do to lift up struggling residents? What do you want to see prioritized in the halls of the Wilson Building?

Please click here to make your voice heard!


Michael and the Defeat Poverty DC team

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