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Executive Director

Talking (or not) About Race:   The Open Society Institute in Baltimore is engaged in a year-long set of conversations about race.  In the wake of the Obama election, they are taking on the issue from a broad range of perspectives by collecting stories, publishing blogs by thought leaders, and holding discussions on the radio.  They are looking closely at what people are saying and, importantly, not saying.  It is well worth checking out.  

 Legal Services Funding:  There is a great post on the Poverty and Policy Blog on the funding of the federal Legal Services Corporation.  If all goes well, Congress will substantially increase resources for federally funded programs and lift many of the restrictions on the use of the money.

 Child Poverty in the United States Much Worse than Most of the Industrialized World:  Legal Momentum just published a comparison of child poverty and public supports in the United States and other industrialized nations.  While our children are much poorer (21% of US children are poor), benefits usage rates are much lower in the United States. 

 New York Times Covers Rising Food Stamp Usage:  There was a great piece in the New York Times on the rising usage of Food Stamps in all communities across the county.  The recession had made Food Stamps so common that the stigma of public assistance is being diminished.

 Right to Counsel in Immigration Proceedings: This week, Human Rights Watch and the Constitution Project released reports calling for reform of the immigration detention process.   Both called for a right to appointed counsel in deportation and detention proceedings.

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