The Connection Between Foreclosures and Health
Consumer Law Unit
Wall Street Journal
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Jen Ngai Lavelle, Staff Attorney

Since the launch of its Consumer Law Unit in 2008, Legal Aid has worked to help many low-income DC homeowners avoid foreclosure by litigating mortgage-related fraud cases, negotiating loan modifications, and conducting community outreach and education. With a rising number of foreclosures devastating individuals, families, and neighborhoods across the country, the gravity of the current foreclosure crisis and the importance of keeping people in their homes is easy to see. But according to new research findings, the link between foreclosure and well-being may be much broader and more far-reaching than meets the eye. This study, conducted by Janet Currie of Princeton University and Erdal Tekin of Georgia State University and described in the Wall Street Journal, looks beyond economic well-being and draws the connection between health problems and the increase in foreclosures in some of the hardest hit areas of the United States.

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