Ms. Jackson

Sarah Jackson

Ms. Jackson filed a tenant petition against her landlord at the D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) challenging the validity of multiple rent increases. Her landlord in turn filed an eviction case against her alleging that she had not been paying the full rent amount. McKenna Long (now Dentons) attorneys Cass Christenson and Feng Shan agreed to help Ms. Jackson with both matters. The eviction case was stayed while the parties pursued mediation at OAH. Although the parties were unable to reach an agreement at mediation, they continued settlement discussions, and, ultimately Mr. Christenson and Mr. Shan secured a favorable settlement for Ms. Jackson that put an end to both the administrative action and the pending eviction case. Ms. Jackson was very pleased and relieved to have this matter resolved. When her attorneys let her know that the settlement was finalized, Ms. Jackson responded: “I LOVE YOU GUYS!”