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Terms of Use:
By using this application you are asking for legal help in the District of Columbia. Our staff will use the information you give to see if you qualify. We cannot accept every case and you are not our client unless we tell you that your case has been accepted. We are not responsible if your application is not received due to server or internet problems.

Deadline Disclaimer:
If your legal matter has a short deadline (14 days or less) do not apply online.
Instead please contact Legal Aid’s Intake Unit at 202.628.1161.

I affirm that the information provided to the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia concerning my citizenship/immigration status, household size, household income, assets, and scope of my legal issue will be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief.

Eligibility Requirements:

1. Income Disclaimer the Legal Aid Society’s services are FREE. We determine financial eligibility for legal services based on the income and asset information of EVERY person in the household, using Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.

2. Case Type Disclaimer We do not accept criminal, personal injury, or traffic court matters.

3. Citizenship Disclaimer United States citizens, lawful permanent residents and certain other categories of immigrants are eligible for our services. Your citizenship status is kept confidential and will not be reported to any government agencies. We do not handle immigration matters.

4. Conflicts Disclaimer If you know or think that Maryland Legal Aid has talked to the opposing party in your legal matter, do not apply online. Instead call (410) 951-7750 to find out if there is a conflict of interest.

I’ve read and understand the above Terms of Use, Deadline Disclaimer, Attestation, and Eligibility Requirements: