Consumer Intake

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    Section A: Basic Information

    Please provide the following basic information, which will be used to perform a conflicts check. If we are unable to assist you based on this information, we will not review and will not enter into our system any information from the following sections.

    * indicates a required field.

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    FemaleMaleGender NonconformingPrefer Not to AnswerOther:

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    Section A: Basic Information

    By applying for legal assistance online you are agreeing to be contacted by all methods. If you prefer not to be contacted by these methods please call the intake line at 202-628-1161 by pressing 1 and then 2.

    Who is on the other side of your case?* (Ex: name of company, mortgage lender, person, etc.)

    Date of Birth (Only fill out this field if the other party is a real person)

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    Section B: Income Information

    Please provide the following information about your household income, which will be used to determine if you are eligible for our services. Please include all income that any member of your household receives. If you do not know exact figures, please provide your best estimate. For example, if your paycheck changes based on the hours you work each week, try to estimate your average weekly or monthly income. If we are not able to help you further based on your household income, the information in this section will not be entered into our system.

    Type of Income*

    Type of Income

    Type of Income

    Type of Income

    Type of Income

    Tip: If no one in your household receives any form of income, please select the option that says “My household has zero income” in the first drop-down box.

    If you are unsure about what kind of income you receive, or you want to give us additional information, please use the box below.
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    Section C: Information about your Legal Matter

    Please provide the additional information below describing your legal matter. If you have multiple issues, please check all boxes that apply.

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    Type of consumer matter:

    Debt Collection and/or BankruptcyForeclosureAuto Insurance SubrogationStructured Settlement Transfer

    Debt Collection

    1. What company or companies say that you owe them money? 

    2. Have you been sued on this debt? YesNo

    a. What is your court case number (if known)?

    3. Do you have any notices or court papers related to this problem? YesNo

    a. How did you receive these papers?

    4. Have you had any contact with the company suing you or their attorney? YesNo

    a. What was said?

    b. Did you agree to a payment plan or discuss payment arrangements?

    5. Have you been harassed by debt collectors about this debt? YesNo

    Please describe the harassment, including the frequency.

    6. Do you believe this debt is the result of identity theft? YesNo

    Please explain.

    7. Do you believe this debt is the result of someone else using your account? YesNo

    a. Please provide the person’s name and date of birth.

    8. Do you disagree with the amount they say you owe? YesNo

    Please explain.

    9. When did you last make any payments or use the account?

    10. What caused you to fall behind on payments?

    Detailed income and financial information

    1. What is your gross income? Please note amount and frequency.

    2. What is your net income?

    3. What is the source of your income? Ex: employment, Social Security, benefits (Food Stamps, etc.)

    4. What are your approximate monthly expenses (ex. rent, food, phone, utilities, childcare, etc.)? Provide a breakdown of type and amount if possible.

    5. Do you have any bank accounts? YesNo

    a. Approximately how much money do you have in the bank?

    b. Are any of your bank accounts joint accounts? YesNo

    i. Who is the other person on your joint account(s)? Please list their name(s) and their relationship to you.

    5. Do you own a car, a home, or other major assets? YesNo

    a. What assets do you own? Please describe.

    b. Are these assets currently mortgaged or financed, or have they been paid off?

    7. Can you afford to make any payments toward this debt? YesNo

    a. What do you think you can afford?

    8. Do you expect you will have to take out more debt in the foreseeable future to make ends meet? YesNo

    9. What else should we know about this debt? (Ex: Any issues with how you got the account, medical and/or financial hardship preventing you from being able to pay, etc.)

    10. What is your goal? (Ex: get an affordable payment plan, dispute that you owe the debt, stop garnishment, etc.)

    11. Are you interested in exploring bankruptcy as an option? YesNo

    a. Please explain why
    b. How much total debt do you think you owe? Please note if there are any particular types of debt you are most concerned about

    12. Is there anything else we should know about your case?



    1. Have you been sued for foreclosure? YesNoI don't know

    a. What is your court case number?

    b. Do you have an "Initial Conference" (the first court date in the case) coming up? YesNoI don't know

    Click here for a document that explains what to do on your first court date.

    a. Have you received any notices on D.C. Government letterhead talking about foreclosure and mediation? YesNo

    2. Do you have any deadlines coming up? Note: If you already described this deadline to us earlier in the intake, you do not need to do so again.

    3. What is the address of the home that is in danger of foreclosure?

    4. Do you live in the home facing foreclosure? YesNo

    5. Who else lives there?
    Please enter names and dates of birth, if known, of anyone else living there. This information is required for conflict check purposes.

    6. Do you have any tenants? YesNo

    Please provide the names and dates of birth of all tenants.

    7. Who owns the home (i.e. who is on the deed)?

    8. Is your home part of a condominium or homeowners’ association? YesNo

    What is your current monthly condo or HOA fee?

    Are you behind on your condo or HOA fees? YesNo

    9. Do you own any other properties? YesNo

    a. Please provide the address(es) for any other property/properties that you own.


    1. Who is your mortgage company?

    2. Please provide basic information about the loan at issue:

    a. Who is the named borrower on the loan?

    b. Please indicate if your mortgage is any of the following types of loans: FHAFannie MaeFreddie MacNot sure

    c. What is your current monthly mortgage payment? Even if you are not currently making payments, please provide an estimate of what your payment was before you stopped making payments.

    d. When was the last time you made a payment on the mortgage? Please provide an estimate if you are not sure.

    e. What caused you to fall behind on the payments?

    f. Have you ever received a loan modification? YesNo


    3. Do you currently have any other mortgages or lines of credit on the property? YesNo

    Please provide the name of the lender and estimated balance for the other loan(s).

    Detailed income information

    1. For each person in your household (including yourself), please list their gross income (amount and frequency) and the source.

    2. Are you able to document all of the income in the household (through paystubs, benefits letters, tax returns, etc.)? YesNo

    3. Is any income expected to change?  YesNo

    Please explain:


    1. Do you want to keep the home, sell it (is the property already listed?), or do something else with it?

    2. Is there anything else we should know about your case?

    Auto Insurance Subrogation

    Please fill out the below questions if you were involved in an auto accident and the other driver’s insurance company is demanding money/reimbursement from you because they claim you were at fault. If this does not describe your situation, please call Legal Aid’s intake line at 202-628-1161.

    A. Court Case

    1. Have you been sued by the other driver’s insurance company? YesNo

    a. What is your court case number?

    2. How did you find out about the case?
    3. Has your driver’s license been suspended? YesNo

    B. The Accident

    1. Please describe what you remember about the accident (if possible include the date, location, who was driving, who else was in the car, and what happened.)

    2. Who do you think was at fault and why? (If you think more than one person was at fault, please explain.)

    3. Did the police or other first responders come, or were there any other witnesses? YesNo

    a. Please explain.

    4. Have you been interviewed by anyone about the accident (for example, the insurance company)? YesNo

    a. Please state who you spoke with and describe what was said.

    C. Insurance and Vehicle Information

    1. Did you have auto insurance at the time of the accident? YesNo

    2. Were you the owner of the vehicle involved in the accident? YesNo

    a. Who was the owner (for example, if you were driving a friend or family member’s car or an employer’s vehicle)?
    b. Did the owner have insurance at the time of the accident? YesNoNot Sure

    D. Goal

    1. Please describe your goal in resolving this case (for example, get affordable payment plan, get driver’s license back, dispute whose fault the acciddent was, etc.)

    2. Is there anything else we should know about your case?

    Structured Settlement Transfer

    Please fill out the below questions if you have a structured settlement annuity and are in the process of selling your right to future payments in exchange for lump sum cash now. If this does not describe your situation, please go back and select another type of case, or call Legal Aid’s intake line at 202-628-1161.

    A. Proposed Transfer

    1. What is the name of the company proposing to purchase your structured settlement annuity payments?

    2. How much money are you trying to get paid for the transfer?

    3. Please explain why you need the money from the transfer.

    4. Did the company reach out to you to do the deal? Or, did you reach out to them? Please describe.

    5. Did you negotiate with the company or shop around to get a better deal? YesNo

    a. Please explain.

    6. Please describe your understanding of the proposed transfer (for example, what you are selling and how much you are getting in return).

    7. Has the company filed paperwork asking the court to approve the transfer? YesNoNot Sure

    a. What is your court case number?

    Background on Your Structured Settlement Annuity

    1. Please describe the underlying case that resulted in you getting an annuity (what type of case was it, where was it filed, when did it settle, etc.)

    2. What was the case name and case number?

    3. Please describe the current structure of your annuity payments (for example, describe any monthly amounts or lump sums that you are supposed to receive).

    4. Have you ever tried to transfer your annuity payments before now? YesNo

    a. Describe any prior transfers (include dates and court case numbers, if any; the company that did the prior transfer; and note whether the prior transfers were approved)

    Financial information

    1. Please list all of your sources of income (including all public benefits) and the amount/frequency

    2. Do you have any dependents? YesNo

    a. Please list your dependents and their relation to you.

    3. Do you depend on anyone else financially? YesNo

    a. Please explain.

    Is there anything else we should know about your case?

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    Section D: Documents

    If you have documents related to your issue, it can be helpful to us to see them to better understand your legal problem. Here are the kinds of documents that could be helpful in your case:

    Debt Collection

    • Collection Notices
    • Correspondence with debt collector

    Auto Insurance Subrogation

    • Correspondence from the other side
    • Police Report
    • Insurance Information
    • any proof of insurance documentation that you have (for example, a Declarations Page showing your insurance coverage at the time)


    • Recent monthly statement
    • .Recent correspondence from your mortgage company
    • Any statements/bills that you have not already uploaded

    Structured Settlement

    • Documents relating to the proposed transfer (petition, disclosure statements, application form)
    • Documents relating to your original annuity and the underlying case
    • Documents relating to any prior transfers

    Please let us know if you have any documents, and if so, how you would like to provide them to us.

    I have no documents.I can upload some of my documents now.I have documents and will email them to Please include your full name in the subject.I have documents and will fax them to Legal Aid at 202-727-2132. Please put to the attention of Online Intake on the cover sheet.I have documents and will mail them to Legal Aid. Please include your full name on the envelope and on the cover sheet (if any).

    Please send copies of the documents not originals to the following address:

    Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia

    Attn: Online Intake

    1331 H St NW, Suite 350

    Washington, DC 20005

    There is a 1MB size limit per file.