The Making Justice Real Endowment was established in 2023 with the intention of providing long-term funding support for Legal Aid's efforts to provide essential legal services to DC residents living in poverty. 

The Endowment will fund Legal Aid’s general operating expenses, including the organization’s direct civil legal assistance for low-income people in the District who face legal challenges related to housing, domestic violence, public benefits, debt collection, foreclosure, immigration, and more.

Making Justice Real Endowment Founding Members


David Dantzic and his wife Martha, along with more than 20 individual Founding Members and Latham & Watkins LLP, pledged to contribute a combined $5 million to the Endowment, with most of the funds promised as part of the donors’ estate planning.


Kara Novaco Brockmeyer & Paul R. Brockmeyer​
David I. Brown​
John T. & Kathleen O. Byrnes​
Mary Clark and Craig Schaffer
Nadira Clarke​
David S. & Martha Stracener Dantzic​
C. Stanley & Anna Dees
John Heintz & Lynn Ohman​
Philip and Roberta Horton​
Daniel & Wendy Jarcho​
Valerie Kelly​
Rakesh Kilaru​
Kenneth and Carol Doran Klein
Latham & Watkins LLP​
Joan E. McKown and James A. Brigagliano​
John and Carole Nannes​
Michael E. Nannes and Nancy E. Everett​
Thomas C. Papson and Toby Singer​
Anthony T. Pierce and Karen Stevens Pierce​
Abid Riaz Qureshi​
Sara Y. Razi​
Peter Thomas​
Michael E. Ward


For more information about contributing to the Endowment, please contact Legal Aid's development office at

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