Consumer Law

RAGLEPHOTO_2013LADC_2847-smallOur consumer law attorneys strive to help protect their clients’ limited income and assets, specializing in two key areas of practice: foreclosure prevention and consumer debt collection litigation. Since 2008, our consumer law attorneys have worked to provide representation to individuals threatened with foreclosure, as well as to protect clients from mortgage servicers’ abusive and illegal practices. Our consumer attorneys are in the courtroom for initial hearings in judicial foreclosure cases to provide legal information, referrals, and representation to low-income homeowners at risk of losing their homes.

More recently, we have increased our services to include representation of D.C. residents in cases involving abusive debt collection practices. In 2012, we began a court-based initiative in the Collections Calendar of D.C. Superior Court and in D.C.’s Small Claims Court — where debt collection cases make up an overwhelming percentage of the docket — to provide same-day legal services to clients. Our attorneys work to protect clients from judgments or unfavorable settlements that can have a devastating impact on people living in poverty.

Our Consumer Law Unit also engages in systemic advocacy to reform debt collections practice in the District of Columbia, to defend and enforce homeowner protections provided by D.C. law, to monitor the efficacy of foreclosure mediations, and to advocate for legislative and regulatory improvements to consumer laws.


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