Public Benefits


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Public Benefits

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These tools can help you learn what DC government programs you can get and how to apply. Government assistance include food stamps, TANF, Social Security/SSI, or DC healthcare.

Public Benefits FAQ

Do you have questions about DC public benefits? Find answers to common questions here.

Common Public Benefits

Do you want to learn what public benefits you can get? Learn more.

Know Your Rights! Food Stamps (SNAP)

Learn about food stamps and how to apply.

Know Your Rights! TANF

Learn about TANF and how to apply.

How to Appeal a Denial of Social Security Benefits

Did Social Security deny you benefits? Learn how to appeal your case here.

How to Prepare for Your Social Security Hearing

Do you have a Social Security hearing? Learn how to prepare and what to expect.

How to Prepare for Your Child’s SSI Hearing

Does your child have a Social Security hearing? Learn how to prepare for your child’s SSI hearing and what to expect.

Social Security Overpayments Toolkit

Did Social Security say they overpaid you? Learn about your options here.

Know Your Rights! DC Healthcare Alliance

Learn about the DC Healthcare Alliance and how to apply.

Know Your Rights! Medicaid

Learn about Medicaid and how to apply.
Unemployment insurance

Unemployment Insurance

Do you need help with Unemployment Insurance?
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