Rais Akbar, Staff Attorney
Eric Angel, Executive Director
Laura Bailey, Director of IT & Facilities
Matthew Boucher, Senior Staff Attorney
Elena Bowers, Senior Staff Attorney *
Meridel Bulle-Vu, Supervising Attorney
Dara Canchester, Legal Assistant/Paralegal *
Molly Catchen, Senior Staff Attorney
Alexis Christensen, Skadden Fellow
Eleni Christidis, Senior Staff Attorney *°ˆΣ
Mistee Colbert, Staff Attorney
Diana CruzSenior Intake Coordinator *
Gary Cunningham, Intake Coordinator
Kata de LimaLegal Assistant/Intake Specialist *
Cindy Diaz, Legal Assistant/Paralegal *
Nicole Dooley, Supervising Attorney
Hanna Endale, Legal Assistant/Paralegal
Caroline Fehr, Staff Attorney *
Jodi Feldman, Managing Attorney
Aida Fitzgerald, Senior Staff Attorney
Rebecca (Becca) Gallahue, Legal Support Coordinator *
David GiannaulaSkadden Fellow *
Blair L. Gilbert, Senior Staff Attorney *☙
Drake Hagner, Supervising Attorney
Katherine Hays, Chief Operations Officer
Helder Hernandez, Legal Assistant/Intake Specialist *
Zack Hill, Senior Staff Attorney
Elsie Hillman-Gordon, Grants Manager
Haley Hoff, Staff Attorney
Marcia Hollingsworth, Senior Staff Attorney
Shirley Horng, Senior Staff Attorney
Adam Jacobs, Project Coordinator
Jenifer Jenkins, Policy Advocate
Kareine Johnson, Senior Staff Attorney °♦
Keerat Johnson, Senior Staff Attorney
Christine Thomas Joseph, Staff Attorney
Jennifer Klein Joseph, Supervising Attorney *
Damon King, Director of Policy Advocacy
Amanda Korber, Supervising Attorney
Samantha Koshgarian, Supervising Attorney 
Christine Kumar, Staff Attorney
Jennifer Ngai LavalleeSupervising Attorney
Zenia LawsStaff Attorney
Chinh Q. Le, Volunteer Attorney
June Lee, Senior Staff Attorney °
Jonathan Levy, Director, Barbara McDowell Appellate Advocacy Project
Jamie Long, Steptoe Fellow
Karla Lora, Legal Assistant/Paralegal *
Faiza Majeed, Senior Acting Supervising Attorney ❀§
Catherine Masters, Development Assistant
Melissa McClureStaff Attorney
Megan McFeeley, Staff Attorney
Beth Mellen, Supervising Attorney
Jennifer Mezey, Deputy Legal Director
Renee C. Mims, Staff Attorney
Megan Moffett, Sidley Austin Appellate Advocacy Fellow
Trisha Marlana Monroe, Supervising Attorney
Patricia Morrison, Accounting Manager
Thomas C. Papson, Volunteer Staff Attorney
Andrew Patterson, Senior Staff Attorney
Robert Pergament, Director of Development
Ellen Peterson, Senior Staff Attorney
Julia Eve Preston, Senior Staff Attorney
Yoliara “Yoli” Ramos, Staff Attorney *
Eleni Reynolds, Legal Assistant/Paralegal *
Rachel Rintelmann, Acting Deputy Legal Director
Satcha Robinson, Staff Attorney
Patricia Roulhac, Legal Secretary
Carolyn Rumer, Senior Staff Attorney *
Melanie Sandler, Staff Attorney ‡*
Ashlei Schulz, Staff Attorney
Candis Scippio, Administrative Assistant
Sylvia Soltis, Senior Staff Attorney *
Jamie Sparano, Senior Staff Attorney
Jordan Stoner, Legal Assistant/Intake Specialist
Rucha Tandel, Operations/IT Associate
Sudi Tasissa, Staff Attorney ‡∞
Thuy-Tu Tran, Deputy Director of Development
Stephanie Troyer, Supervising Attorney
José Vallejo-Jimenez, Legal Assistant/Paralegal
Julia Ward, Staff Attorney
Charlene “Charlie” Whitman-Barr, Senior Staff Attorney
Nina WuSupervising Attorney ˆ
Nana Yankah, Staff Attorney
Mel Zahnd, Staff Attorney

Lise Guerrier-Louis,
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe Fellow 

Shirley Diaz,
Skadden *
Allison Gardner, Arnold & Porter

* Proficient or fluent in Spanish.
∞ Fluent in Amharic.
◊ Fluent in Portuguese.
° Proficient or Fluent in French.
ˆ Proficient in Mandarin.
Σ Proficient in Greek
❀ Proficient or Fluent in Hindi.
§ Fluent in Urdu
❃ Proficient in Gujarati.
♦ Fluent in Haitian Creole.
☙ Proficient in Tongan.

‡ Not yet admitted to the Bar of the District of Columbia, but admitted to practice law in another jurisdiction. Practicing law in the District of Columbia pursuant to D.C. Court of Appeals Rule 49(c)(9)(B) under the supervision of Legal Aid attorneys admitted to the D.C. Bar and in good standing.

⚜ Not admitted to practice law in any jurisdiction. Practicing law in the District of Columbia pursuant to D.C. Court of Appeals Rule 49(c)(9)(C) under the supervision of Legal Aid attorneys admitted to the D.C. Bar and in good standing.

✵ Not admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia and not engaged in the practice of law.


We are open, but offices are closed to the public, please apply for services online or by the phone Estamos abierto, pero las oficinas están cerradas al público, por favor solicite los servicios en línea o por teléfono